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3 Steps to Writing Quality Literature Review with Free ChatGPT

Embarking on a literature review can feel like navigating through an academic labyrinth. The treasure trove of knowledge is out there, but the process of unearthing it is often laborious and time-consuming. While the paid version of ChatGPT offers convenient plugins for material sourcing, not everyone can opt for the yearly subscription. Fear not! I’m here to share three invaluable tips on utilizing Free ChatGPT to craft a compelling literature review in just an hour, without compromising on quality.

3 Easy Steps for Reviewing Literature with Free ChatGPT

STEP 1: Get the papers you want to review ready

STEP 2: Copy the Abstract and Conclusion

STEP 3: Prompt ChatGPT

How Do I Implement Implement these Steps

Step 1
Start by collecting the papers you want to review. Unfortunately, the free ChatGPT doesn’t have the cool feature to find papers for you, but I’ll share in my next post how you can easily get them online.

Step 2
Once you have your papers, focus on the abstract (that summary at the beginning) and the conclusion (the wrap-up at the end). If the abstract has enough info, just copy that. But if you need more, grab the conclusion too. This gives ChatGPT the details it needs to work its magic.

Step 3
Before you ask ChatGPT for help, tell it about the gap your research is trying to fill. Then, ask it to tailor its feedback to that gap. This way, you’ll get a strong response that fits your needs.

Remember, do these three steps a couple of times for the best results in your literature review. Give it a go, and don’t forget to drop a comment below to let me know how it worked for you.

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